The 豹印刷 and 帖子 area is on the first floor of the Norton Center. It offers competitive pricing with the convenience of on-campus printing, 复制, 以及邮寄服务.



    学生 will be notified by email when mail is delivered to your campus post office box. You may stop by anytime during normal operations, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.把它捡起来. Bring your student ID card for identification. Mail is not delivered to 365英国上市官网 on weekends, but will be available after it is delivered on Monday.



    When a package from a carrier such as FedEx, 联合包裹, 或美国邮政到达, you will receive an 电子邮件 notifying you. You may stop by anytime during normal operation, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.把它捡起来. Bring your campus ID card for identification. Packages are not delivered to 365英国上市官网 on weekends, but will be available after they are delivered on Monday



    You may also ship through FedEx, 联合包裹 and USPS from this 位置. The 书店 has free boxes when available and packing supplies can also be purchased t在这里.


    Student copiers and printing

    学生 are provided $30 on a declining balance account for printing and 复制. 如果你用光了, you will continue to be able to print; overages will be charged to your student account. Each time you print or copy, your balance will be displayed as part of the transaction. Overages will be processed on a monthly basis to your student account.

    The Pharos system is used for managing the declining balance account. This includes printing from 365英国上市官网-provided computers and mobile printing.

    To access mobile printing go to My365英国上市官网 and select Mobile Print, login with your username and password, or email items as an attachment to (电子邮件保护).

    When printing using 365英国上市官网-provided computers, a pop-up will display for you to enter your username and password.

    访问复制函数, swipe your campus card to gain access to the copier and use the touch screen to select your options and make your copies.

    Materials sent to a copier/printer remotely will remain in the queue for up to four hours.


    Information for 365英国上市官网 教师 and 工作人员


    For toner on both printers and copiers 打电话给205-226-4735 or 电子邮件 (电子邮件保护)when the "Low toner warning" is displayed to schedule a delivery and provide:

    • 模型 located on the front of the equipment and
    • 序列号 located on the rear or side of the equipment.

    Note: When the "Low toner warning" appears, you still have toner and the device will operate several more days without issue. However, this is your prompt to schedule a delivery. The toner will then be delivered from Ricoh on campus through the normal course of mail delivery or package delivery times soon t在这里after.

    For paper on both printers and copiers 打电话给205-226-4735 or 电子邮件 (电子邮件保护)to schedule a delivery and provide:

    • 位置 -楼宇及房间
    • 数量


    For all service needs related to the hardware please call the 理光服务 Dispatch number 888-456-6457 and provide the 身份证号码 from the ID tag located on the front of the device. The service phone number is also on the ID tag. The response time of a service technician will likely be in 2 to 4 hours after the call is placed.



    学生, 教师, and staff have access to Ricoh printing services in the newly renovated space of the Norton Center. These services are available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. A kiosk printer is available when the Norton Campus Center is open, usually 24 hours a day during regular terms.

    How to Order as of June 20, 2022


    豹印刷 will typeset/design these for you. Please send an email with all the business card details needed to 豹印刷 via (电子邮件保护) 

    Details should include the person's name, title, department, phone number, email address, etc. and 数量 needed (min = 500 cards). All business cards will include the belltower标志. 体育运动 staff only may request the 体育运动 logo (Panther B). 

    Once your information is typeset, Ricoh will email you a pdf proof for approval.

    Please review and send back approval or any edits to process the order accordingly.

    Design through Ricoh’s print specialist will apply to 只拿名片

    •Letterhead, Envelopes and/or 365英国上市官网 forms:

    Ricoh should have all department letterhead, envelopes, etc. 在文件. You can also scan a copy of your current need and attach it to your email or give a sample to 豹印刷 and 帖子’s front desk. 

    Once Ricoh has your sample and/or visual copy, they will send you a pdf to verify the correct file.

    • Papers/Notes/Study booklets that need to be bound:

    Attach the file you need printed via email, 备注所需数量, and which binding option you would like (3-hole punch, stapled or spiral bound). 

    • Anything outside these parameters will need to be designed and requested through 通信 via the project request form 在这里.